About Habiterra Landscape Design, Warrenton, Virginia.

Habiterra has a wealth of experience and expertise in various aspects of the green
industry, particularly in landscape design. 37 years of experience and knowledge
within the field provides a foundation for our design and implementation process.
Habiterra offers a holistic approach to projects. Your designer will draw from diverse
perspectives and insights gained from being involved in different roles within the
industry for nearly four decades. “I often tell folks that I was raised for this with my
father being a landscape architect. I have never worked in any other industry.”

Matthew P. Kennedy,
Owner-Principal Designer
Habiterra Landscape Designer.


I arrived in the Washington metropolitan area in 1987 upon completion of my college
studies. Brickman Industries gave me my first opportunity as a foreman running a crew
responsible for the athletic fields at George Mason University. Later I joined Ruppert
Landscape in the early 90’s earning multiple national awards for landscape
management. In 1995 I started my first landscape design/build firm and operated that
for 12 years before returning to the corporate landscape world. After being the #2 man
at a company with 120 employees my role had taken me too far from my roots in
ornamental horticulture and landscape design. Habiterra was born out of my life long
passion for these two disciplines.

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