Landscape Design Services

Client Consultation: Through close client collaboration we gain an understanding of their
preferences, functional needs and budgetary constraints ensuring the designed space meets
their expectations.

With this insight into the clients needs and desires, your designer will offer
comprehensive solutions, anticipate challenges in implementation, and guide you
through the process.

Site Analysis: After the initial consultation a property visit will be scheduled to review
grade/drainage conditions, locate existing plants and trees, and photograph house details.

Sun and shade patterns, utilities and infrastructure, and any potential erosion or wet areas will be identified.

Design: Habiterra employs state of the art 3D design imaging that brings a typical blueprint to life. This new software allows a very immersive experience and detailed representation of the old 2D architectural plans. A video “ fly through” caps the Habiterra design presentation.

Landscape Designing Services in Warrenton, Virginia.

Construction Management: Habiterra uniquely works with you as the client to facilitate
your vision. Once your design is approved, we will then work with your contractor to ensure it
is carried through to reality!

From site analysis to project
completion, Habiterra will be there to guide you through a seamless transition from
concept to a high quality outdoor design successfully brought to life.

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